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At the festivals that take place on the island there are always a lot of people, food, wine and live music. An Ionian uniqueness is the waltz and tango songs that are played, as popular as any other folk songs.

Most popular festivals:


30 June, the Holy Apostles in Frikes.



17 July, St. Marina in Exogi.
20 July, the prophet Elijah, in Kioni.
Last weekend of July Wine Festival in Perachori.



5 & 6 August, του Σωτήρος, στο Σταυρό.
14  August, the Assumption of the Virgin Eve, in Anogi.
15 August, the Assumption of the Virgin, in Platrithia.



7 September, the Panagia Kathariotissa Eve, in Kathara.

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